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KPlayer 2.0.1 MacOS [Full] !LINK!

v2.0.1 Fix exception when NAudio.Lame loaded as memory assembly.v2.0.0 Binding to NAudio 2.0.0, version alignment with NAudio. No feature updates.v1.1.6 Added more VBR encoding options and some basic tests for them.v1.1.5 Added OutputSampleRate to LameConfig.v1.1.4 Fixed VBR presets and added VBR mode to configuration.v1.1.3 Added a new NativeDLL loader method that can be called with search paths.v1.1.2 Fixed some issues with sample rate, configuration, short ID3 tags, etc. Refer to project page for full information.v1.1.1 Updated all projects to NAudio v1.10.0, added LameConfig, reorganised writer construction, updated .NET Core tests to dotnet 3.1.v1.1.0 Changed all projects to .NET STandard 2.0, rebuilt testing using .NET Core, fixed loader initialization problems.

KPlayer 2.0.1 MacOS [Full]

The next versions, 2.1 and 2.5, reverted to the previous model of giving QuickTime away for free. They improved the music support and added sprite tracks which allowed the creation of complex animations with the addition of little more than the static sprite images to the size of the movie. QuickTime 2.5 also fully integrated QuickTime VR 2.0.1 into QuickTime as a QuickTime extension. On January 16, 1997, Apple released the QuickTime MPEG Extension (PPC only) as an add-on to QuickTime 2.5, which added software MPEG-1 playback capabilities to QuickTime.

yyyy/mm/ddVersionChangelog 2010/10/21Ver.0.0.0Development startIt based on the source code of MIDITrail Ver.1.1.1 for Windows 2010/12/26Ver.1.1.2First formal release for Mac OS X#23973 MIDITrail for Mac OS X development 2011/12/25Ver.1.1.3#25454 Added grid line display control#26985 Added Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) support#26987 Added playback speed control#26988 Added skip control#26989 Added stars and counter display control#27005 Added figure of player operations guide to "How to view dialog"#26990 Fixed bug (Typographical errors on the license) 2012/02/12Ver.1.2.0#27458 Added MIDI IN monitoring#27459 Added MIDI OUT auto configuration#27457 Fixed bug (Screen flickers on skip forwad when repeat ON) 2014/01/02Ver.1.2.1#32544 Merged features of MIDITrail Ver.1.2.1 for Windows#30545 Added key display range control#30546 Added back ground color control#30547 Added scale color assignment to the piano roll bar#30549 Added improvement of font error message#32543 Added window position control#30550 Added support of virtual MIDI port#30551 Added support of new line character LF in INI file#32360 Added menu item "Auto save viewpoint"#32361 Added ability to save viewpoint in MIDI IN monitoring#32362 Added ability to playback automatically after opening file#32363 Added ability to open the file while playing#32366 Added ability to display the file name#32367 Added view mode "Piano Roll Rain 2D"#32427 Added note color assignment to active key#32606 Added support of app sandbox#32365 Changed title caption ("TITLE:" string was removed)#32730 Changed development environment to Xcode 4#30548 Fixed bug (At the start of playback, MIDI data transmission is blocked)#32359 Fixed bug (MIDITrail does not send some CC events at skip processing)#32542 Fixed bug (MIDITrail fails to get the offline property of MIDI device)#32779 Fixed bug (MIDI OUT device "none" does not take effect) 2015/11/23Ver.1.2.2#35749 Fixed bug. (MIDITrail does not work in El Capitan)#35750 Changed development environment to Xcode 7 (OS X Ver.)#35751 Changed display of the security message for the sandbox#35775 Changed URL and mail address in user's manual 2017/07/23Ver.1.2.3#37373 Added supports window size customization#37374 Added supports background image customization#37375 Added increase of the size of active note#37371 Changed architecture to 64bit#37372 Changed development environment to Xcode 8#37376 Changed brightness the ripple color#37377 Changed OS name to macOS on user manual#37378 Fixed bug (Erased the item "Enter Full Screen" of "View" menu)#37379 Fixed bug (Disable key input for main window while displaying setting dialog) 2019/04/14Ver.1.2.4#39113 Added viewpoint selection menu#39114 Fixed bug (Piano roll bar flickers in Piano Roll 2D mode)#39115 Fixed bug (Time indicator becomes opaque in Piano Roll 3D mode)#39116 Changed development environment to Xcode 9 2019/05/03Ver.1.2.5#39188 Added internal wavetable synthesizer#39189 Added quarter note length configuration#39190 fixed bug (memory leak of background image processing)#39191 Changed appendix of user's manual 2019/06/02Ver.1.2.6#39276 Added full screen mode#39277 Added support for game controller#39282 Fixed bug (Code analysis found some mistakes)#39284 Fixed bug (Line feed code is not LF in some source files) 2019/11/06Ver.1.3.1#39718 Added view mode "Piano Roll Ring"#39719 Added supports dark mode#39720 Changed development environment to Xcode 10#39721 Changed rendering loop to display link#39722 Fixed bug (Error dialog must be displayed by main thread)#39723 Fixed bug (Japanese is not detected)#39726 Fixed bug ("Unsupported bitmap format" error displayed on launch) 2021/04/02Ver.1.3.2#41895 Added support for macOS 11 Big Sur (Core MIDI new API)#41896 Added support for Retina display#41894 Changed development environment to Xcode 12 (Support M1 Mac)#41903 Changed MIDI device identification rule#41897 Fixed bug (The color of the ripples becomes dark in Piano Roll 3D)#41898 Fixed bug (The character encoding of some source files is Shift-JIS) 2021/05/23Ver.1.3.3#42364 Added Folder Playback feature#42365 Added support for Standard MIDI File with illegal chunk size#42366 Added support for RIFF-based MIDI File#42367 Added sending "All Sound Off" message when pause/stop/skip#42368 Fixed bug ("WARNING ITMS-90788" is displayed when uploading the app to App Store)#42369 Fixed bug (MIDITrail does not start in virtual machine environment) 2021/09/08Ver.1.3.4#42830 Added setting of delay between songs#42831 Fixed bug (Sending System Exclusive causes crash when data size is zero) 2022/02/13Ver.1.3.5#43853 Fixed bug (File Open Panel freezes) 2022/07/18Ver.1.3.6#45144 Added feature of saving my viewpoint#45145 Added display switch of grid line and time indicator#45146 Added feature of saving display switch status#45147 Added 2nd light for Piano Roll 3D#45148 Added MIDI system message parsing 2022/09/27Ver.2.0.0#45695 Added feature of color configuration#45696 Added bar ring for Piano Roll Ring#45697 Changed key color of Piano Roll Rain#45698 Changed development environment to Xcode 13#45699 Changed graphics API from OpenGL to Metal#45732 Changed app name animation in startup screen 2022/10/26Ver.2.0.1#45971 Added function to send note off when paused or stopped and note on when resumed#45972 Fixed bug (MIDITrail is not reading tempo data correctly) 2022/10/30Ver.2.0.2#46016 Fixed bug (MIDITrail crashes during the Metal initialization process due to improper anti-aliasing settings) 350c69d7ab


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